Natural Knee Pain Solution

The whole purpose of our program is to help the cartilage to regenerate over 90 days. We will have you come into the clinic one time per week for 12 weeks to do our in-clinic protocol while having you use home therapy equipment at home while following our exercise and nutrition curriculum that you will have access to every day when you enroll in our program. 
For your in-clinic protocol, you will be using our state of the art decompression traction Machine specifically designed for the knees. This machine opens up the joint space allowing for healing of the bone and cartilage to occur. Vibration plate therapy will be used to enhance circulation in the legs. PEMF Therapy and Infrared Therapy will be used to accelerate healing on the cellular level helping with DNA repair and stem cell reproduction and electrical stimulation will be used to help with pain and healing damaged nerves.
For your home protocol, you will be using low level light therapy equipment along with a nerve re-education device to enhance nitric oxide production and accelerate the healing process every day for 90 days from the comfort of your own home.
We have a process that works with proven equipment that is backed with research. 
Come in for your discounted $49 consultation and exam with digital X-Rays and let me show you how we can help you with your knee condition. You will also receive a free trial treatment so that we can be sure that you are a good candidate for our program. It would be my pleasure to help you to eliminate your knee pain completely. I look forward to seeing you in the clinic. God bless.
-Dr. Justin Hartman, DC
Dr. Justin Hartman Doctor of Chiropractic

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